Welcome to University Veterinary Hospital, an Animal Hospital in Berkeley

University Veterinary Hospital has served Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville, Oakland, Richmond, El Cerrito and El Sobrante for over 30 years. Led by veterinarian Dr. Jas Mattu, our veterinary team is proud to continue a tradition of excellence and compassionate animal care for cats and dogs.


Our animal hospital's services include wellness care, sick pet care, vaccinations, spay & neuter services, and dental care.

Wellness Care, Sick Pet Care, and Spay and Neuter Services

At University Veterinary Hospital, we believe that prevention is truly the best treatment. Wellness care is a major focus at our pet hospital. Our goal is to correct underlying problems that may lead to disease or injury in your pet before these conditions compromise your pet's health. During a routine check-up, our veterinarian will perform a full physical, make sure your pet is up-to-date on all vaccinations, and test for heartworms and intestinal parasites.

We also provide full-service animal dentistry for dog dental care. If during your routine appointment we find issues, we will schedule a full dental oral health visit. We will check for plaque build-up, polish and clean your dog's teeth and subgingiva, and remove calcium and plaque that can lead to gum infections. In house dental x-rays will let us explore any periodontal pockets, and we will provide treatments based on what we find.

As your pet ages, our special animal geriatrics care will ensure your pet remains comfortable and active for as long as possible. Preventive care is especially important for older cats and dogs. We recommend semi-annual check-ups for senior pets. Regular health screenings allow us to identify and many age-related conditions early, including arthritis, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, and thyroid imbalance.

Our Berkeley veterinary team can also diagnose and treat common allergies in your pets. Itchy skin, frequent scratching, skin rashes or ear infections are all signs that your pet may be suffering from an allergy. If your pet is diagnosed with a skin or food allergy, our veterinarian can help you find the right shampoos and natural, preservative-free food diets to relieve your pet's allergy pain.

At University Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventive medicine and proper nutrition. Our goal is to help pet owners understand the warning signs of illness and educate them about the best way to keep their pets healthy. If you have general questions about your pet, feel free to call or email us at any time.

We also invite you to sign up for our veterinary clinic's e-newsletter, featuring pet care tips and the latest in veterinary health news. Our veterinarian, Dr. Mattu, personally selects the topics for this bi-weekly e-newsletter.

Dr. Mattu and our Berkeley veterinary team look forward to welcoming your pet into our Berkeley animal hospital family. Use our online appointment request form to schedule an appointment or give us a call at 510-841-4412.

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  • Dr.
    Veterinarian, Practice Owner

    Dr. Mattu grew up in a farming family with a special love and compassion for animals. He graduated with his Veterinary degree from Punjab Veterinary College in North India and then finished his internship at Iowa State University. To serve his patients better, Dr. Mattu has attended and continues to attend various educational courses to enhance his skills in advance medical modalities like ultrasound, endoscopy, dentistry, Internal Medicine and chronic skin and ear problems.

    Dr. Mattu believes that all pets have a special place in our lives, providing us with an irreplaceable relationship. He is very sensitive to the needs of this emotional link. He strives to preserve and enhance this bond for a lifetime. Dr. Mattu takes his time to understand each pet's health needs and their owners' innermost feelings about the care they want for their pet. He customizes each treatment plan, taking into consideration both the pet's needs and the owner's resources to ensure that each and every pet receives the care he or she deserves. Dr. Mattu possesses a special skill to express each pet's medical condition in simple, understandable language so that every owner is in a position to make an informed decision for his or her pet.

    Dr. Mattu's top priority is to maintain a high quality of life for pets in the Bay Area, and help people make good decisions for their pets, even when they get uncomfortable or difficult. Please feel free to call his Berkeley practice at 510-841-4412, where a staff member will be glad to help you answer any questions you may have about your pet's health.

  • Dr.

    Dr. Laura Fosbender grew up just outside Chicago and earned a BA in History from Carleton College. In 1998, she moved to San Francisco, where she spent several years working in various software and analytical roles for startups and the University of California system while she volunteered with dogs and cats in her free time.

    Her love of pets and their people, along with an interest in medicine, lead her to pursue veterinary school (and a bit of adventure) at Massey University in New Zealand. She joined the team at University Veterinary Hospital in December 2014.

    Dr. Fosbender has a special interest in internal medicine and feline medicine. Her goal as a vet is to improve the quality of life for pets and their people by empowering people to make informed decisions about their pets' health. She is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, Veterinary Information Network and local veterinary associations.

    When she's not at University Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Fosbender spends her time reading fiction, running slowly but steadily, and telling anyone who will listen that they should be watching The Americans. Although previously an avowed dog person, she now lives in West Berkeley with two beloved cats – Emily and Dulcinea.

  • Dr.
    Mike Sozanski

    Mike Sozanski DVM, Dip. ABVP did his undergraduate and veterinary education at Cornell University. He has practiced in the Bay Area since 1980 and has been board certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) in small animal practice since 1988 .

    He is experienced in all aspects of small animal medicine, dentistry and surgery. Outside of Veterinary medicine he is a runner, swimmer, photographer and a web developer, developing a website for veterinary emergency and anesthetic drug calculations, vetcalculators.com.

  • Lisa
    Senior Technician, Technician Supervisor

    From as far back as she could remember, Lisa always found refuge and friendship in what she affectionately refers to as the 'triangular-eared creatures.' Countless cats, dogs, fish, a guinea pig, a newt, and a frog all have been a part of her life. She's fostered cats and kittens for many years, plus volunteered with Fix Our Ferals, Hopalong Animal Rescue, and the Oakland Animal Shelter.

    Lisa did not start her career path with animals. She began working with BOSS (Berkeley Oakland Support Services) and other various community-based organizations. Although Lisa has always had a deep connection for people who are down on their luck, she always believed that her complete and total earthly purpose was to attend to animals and their people alike. She attained her RVT license in March 2002. After working for a general practice in Alameda for about a year, she moved on to University Veterinary Hospital (UVH). During her time with UVH, she became efficient in emergency and critical care while working the night shifts back in the days when we were a 24 hour hospital. It was also her honor to serve as surgical assistant to Dr. James F. Biggart, DVM, DACVS, renowned veterinary orthopedic surgeon. It was there that she was able to grow and excel in advanced surgical nursing, leaving her with a knack for detail and precision. Lisa also works hard to maintain and keep up with the latest techniques in veterinary medicine through continued education coursework and training.

    By being with UVH for so many years, it's been a joy for her to know so many patients and clients throughout their journeys. Besides her vast experience and what seems to be an unfailing memory, what she offers to most is familiarity, trust, and a heart of gold.

    On Lisa's off time, she lives amongst two couches with two giant holes in them... courtesy of two pit bulls named Daddio and Carebear. She also shares her life with two charismatic cats named Hennyboy and Chelse. Outside of work she loves to take the dogs out at sunrise; whoever thought she could be a morning person? She loves diversity and adventure, music and dancing, traveling and learning. But her biggest interest of all, is her loved ones and her babies.

  • Holly
    Veterinary Technician

    Holly grew up in Turlock, California with many adopted feathered and four-legged friends that she had found on farms, on the streets, in pounds and through the rescue groups that she and her parents worked with.  She grew up wanting to be a veterinarian and spent one exchange year in New Zealand during high school living on a sheep farm and volunteering for a mixed-practice veterinarian there. 

    During her year in New Zealand, the travel bug struck and her interest in different cultures began to take over.  Her first college years were spent at UC Berkeley obtaining BA’s in Ethnic Studies and Anthropology, with a minor in Native American Studies.  After graduation, she went to live in Guatemala and Argentina for a year.  In Argentina, she worked with underprivileged nursery school children in shanty towns in the mornings, and taught English to middle school children in the afternoons.  Back in the United States, she spent a year working in the Four Corners area on land, water, and sovereignty rights with Native American and Mexican American people.  She then returned to the Bay Area to work with several other non-profits.

    After a time, she decided to reinvestigate going to veterinary school. She volunteered at the Marine Mammal Center in Marin for a few years, then she started working at a veterinary practice as a receptionist and technician while she went to CSU-Hayward to get her BS in Biology.

    Prior to coming to University Veterinary Hospital, she worked as a veterinary technician for 18 years, working in both general practices and emergency hospitals. She became a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2009. 

    In her free time, she enjoys travelling, dancing, reading, and being a homebody with her four-legged dog Kylie, her three-legged dog Apple and her cat Gracie. 

    At University Veterinary Hospital, she feels like she has found her calling and loves to care for our dog and cat patients. She would love to meet your pet!

  • Mirna
    Veterinary Technician

    Mirna's love for animals started very young, after an 8-week-old Chow Chow named Lassie came into her life and helped her overcome her fears of dogs. Ever since her furry friend entered her life, she has commited her life to helping and loving animals.

    Mirna graduated from Western Career College with her Associates in Science.

    Mirna is a very bubbly, joyful personality who is very compassionate and loving. For her, getting to know you and your pet is not only an honor, but an amazing chance to build a relationship with new friends. She says, 'My new pit bull Senorita teaches me new things every day, and that's what I love about my job -- being able to learn new things that can help me understand our beloved friends even more and help them!'

    Mirna started working at UVH several years ago, and has recently returned to us on Saturdays after a brief sojourn in Iowa for her husband's job. Welcome back, Mirna!

  • Sierra
    Veterinary Assistant

    With a mom for a veterinarian, Sierra literally grew up in a veterinary hospital in Fresno.

  • Leslie
    Veterinary Assistant

    Come meet Leslie, one of our newest veterinary assistants!

  • Nicole
    Veterinary Assistant

    Nicole grew up in the Bay Area and has yet to leave it, except for a rare vacation out of state.  She has had some sort of pet since first grade, and her family has had an Australian Shepherd, a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, goldfish, mice, rats, and hamsters at various points in her life.  Her most recent pets are a past beloved rat named Snuggles (not very snuggly, but had lots of sass) and one current 10 yr old Australian Shepherd named Booboo.  Booboo is the apple of her eye and she can talk someone's ear off about him, all while her voice gets progressively higher and morphs into baby talk.  She knows clients have the same love for their pets, and she strives to ensure that they receive the best care they can while at University Vet.

    She has always wanted animals to be well cared for and happy, and when she was younger it ranged from saving crayfish in evaporating puddles to picking up and trying to rescue a “pet” snake she found in her neighborhood (it turned out to be wild but it’s the thought that counts). 

    She currently goes to school at UC Berkeley, aspires to be a veterinarian, and is leaning towards large animal medicine.  She volunteered at UVH for one and half years, and she started working as a veterinary assistant in summer 2015.  She is very honored to have the position, is dedicated towards doing her best and knows there’s always room to improve.

    When she’s not working, she is fulfilling her scholarly duties as a student and she also volunteers at a lab on campus. She really loves cheese and likes to eat it as dessert on Fridays with Netflix, and for fun she likes to play casual games in various sports and play Frisbee with precious Booboo.

  • Madeline
    Client Service Representative

    Madeline was born in Berkeley and raised in El Cerrito and Albany. She is the second oldest in a family of 10 (5 boys and 5 girls -- her dad said he wanted to get it even!)

    Her parents brought home a Cocker Spaniel puppy almost the same time that they brought her home. Madeline and her older brother, Bill had many 'adventures' with Freddy - mostly in the field across from their house which had a large creek running through it and 3 horses!

    Her love for animals kept growing through the years, and when she graduated from high school she started her first job as a receptionist at the Berkeley Humane Society. What followed then was over 25 years working in several veterinary clinics in the Bay Area, including Albany Vet Clinic and Pet Emergency Treatment Service.

    Then in 1991 she took a job with a local veterinary supply company as an inside sales representative. And while she really enjoyed working with different veterinary clinics throughout the Western United States, she also missed working with people and their pets, so when Dr. Mattu offered her the wonderful opportunity to join his fine staff at UVH, she was thrilled to join!

    Since November of 2011 she has met so many wonderful clients and their pets, and looks forward to meeting many many more!

  • Karin
    Client Service Representative

    Karin Adams grew up in a working class family in Sonoma County and has been establishing roots in Oakland for the past five years. Karin has a long and fond history of working with marginalized communities and their pets. Having worked most recently with homeless youth in the Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco she prioritized both meeting the myriad of complex needs the youth self-identified and celebrating in the profound relationships they had with their pets.

    Wanting to focus on working with animals especially, Karin recently joined the team at University Veterinary Hospital Berkeley in the beginning of 2016 and is elated for this new opportunity. She helps support the front desk, the general flow of the clinic, and will often be the voice you hear answering your calls! Karin is grateful to work in an environment that fosters the relationship between owners and their pet's health; and compassionately works with people where they're at.

    In her free time, Karin adventures with her husband Morgan and their sidekicks Oaphie and PupPup, attends California State East Bay, and dances whenever she can! She looks forward to meeting you and your furry friend soon!

  • Emily
    Client Service Representative

    Stop in and meet Emily, one of our new staff members.

  • Natalie
    Client Service Representative

    Born on a sunny April afternoon, Natalie came out the womb an animal lover. Every generation in her family has had a soft spot for animals. Her grandfather, great grandfather, and so on -- all had farms in the Swedish countryside where they would spend lots of time with their animals.

    Natalie had the pleasure of growing up with many cats throughout the years. She had one dog in her life, an amazing and sweet golden retriever named Holly. Now, Natalie’s dreams have come true and she has a fluff ball of her very own; a gentle and talkative cat named Tina P’Lou Brown. 

    In her free time Natalie likes to play guitar, sing, dance, and treat herself to at home spa days. She also likes to pet all the cats and dogs she sees out in the streets. 

    Natalie has worked in cosmetics for years but has always dreamed of working for animals. She is really excited about the opportunities she has working at University Veterinary Hospital. She looks forward to meeting all your fur babies and help make them as comfortable as she can!

  • Affiliates

    Dr. Sean Wells is a board-certified veterinary surgeon who comes to our practice for specialty procedures; most commonly, knee surgery. 

    Dr. Mark Matteucci owns Bay Area Veterinary Imaging. He and his associate Dr. David Detweiler are board-certified veterinary radiologists who provide ultrasound services for our patients. Dr. Matteucci, Dr. Detweiler and their associates also provide online consultations, ensuring that every x-ray we take has an advanced specialist interpreting the film.

  • Maui

    Many of our clients have already had the pleasure of meeting the newest addition to the UVH family, Maui. In July 2009 Maui came to us with a severely fractured leg which would require extensive surgical repair. After much consideration, Maui's previous owners found that the surgery and aftercare were beyond their means and made the difficult decision to euthanize him. This, however, didn't happen. Instead of euthanizing Maui, his owners agreed to let us adopt him as our newest house cat. We, in turn, would give him the treatment and care that he required.

    After the first of two surgeries, Maui was in a cast and had to be kept on bed rest. Once he had healed enough for his cast to be removed, he adapted very well to his new home, and quickly became the king of the hospital. In the morning Maui can be heard meowing and howling, not because he is hungry, or cold, or lonely, but just because he can. He loves all the different hiding spots that can be found around the hospital, and is always finding new things to play with, even if he isn't supposed to. Free to roam in and out of his cage, Maui wanders about trying to make friends with the boarding and hospitalized animals.

    We at University Vet Hospital absolutely love this silly cat. He is always entertaining us by pawing at water from the faucet in the sink, turning his water bowl upside down, attacking anything that dangles such as leashes and ECG leads, crying for no apparent reason, and flaunting his flamboyant scarves. Find Maui on Facebook ('Maui UVH', or [email protected]) and befriend him, he loves meeting new people!

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