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Pet Surgery

Berkeley Pet Surgery for Routine and Advanced Procedures

dog-and-cat-surgery.jpgWhether you need to schedule your pet for routine spay or neuter surgery, a complex orthopedic procedure, a lumpectomy, a gastropexy, or any other kind of surgical procedure, our University Veterinary Hospital team is ready to help. Dr. Jas Mattu is an experienced pet surgeon, and we have a skilled group of veterinary technicians who have assisted him during many Berkeley pet surgery procedures. We also handle emergency animal surgery during our office hours. If your pet needs help right away, call us so that we can prepare for your arrival and give you important instructions. Additionally, we contract with several orthopedic and surgical board certified specialists, who will come in for unique or complex surgeries, such as TPLO, ACL surgeries, fractures, etc.

Cat or Dog Surgery at University Veterinary Hospital

Before each cat or dog surgery, we follow extremely stringent procedures to ensure that your pet is both safe and as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process. We use equipment sterilization procedures to reduce the danger of infections. Our in-house laboratory and diagnostics equipment give us the information we need to make precise and quick decisions about the surgical process without having to wait for results. We also run a complete blood screen on each pet before animal surgery to ensure there are no hidden health issues that could complicate the anesthesia process.

During pet surgery, Dr. Mattu is assisted by at least one vet tech who will act as your pet’s patient advocate during the operation. As anesthesia is administered (based on your pet’s condition, breed and size), your pet’s vet tech will continually monitor your pet’s vital signs to be sure everything goes smoothly. He or she will also administer IV fluids and medications as necessary throughout the procedure. We are very eager to ensure that our patients remain comfortable during animal surgery, so we provide warming blankets and pain management medications during the process.

After each cat or dog surgery is complete, one of our vet techs will accompany your pet to the recovery room. We continue to monitor your pet’s vital signs as he or she comes out of anesthesia and we are there to help your pet stay comfortable. Once your pet is ready to go home to recuperate, Dr. Mattu will explain everything you need to know to help your pet rest and recover at home. We will answer your questions about how pet surgery went and explain how to give your pet his or her medications. We can also show you how to care for the surgical incision and probably issue your pet an Elizabethan collar to prevent him or her from licking or biting at the wound. We may also discuss the possibility of post animal surgery laser therapy to help your pet’s incision heal faster, and with less scar tissue.

We are always ready to answer any questions you have about cat or dog surgery, so please do not hesitate to call us at 510-841-4412.

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