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Pet Obesity

Treating Berkeley Pet Obesity: Weight Loss & Weight Management Services

cat_checkupPet obesity is a growing problem affecting millions of dogs and cats each year, including many pets right here in Berkeley. If your dog or cat is overweight, your pet is at increased risk for numerous chronic health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. In fact, just a few extra pounds can put your pet’s health at risk. If your pet is overweight, our Berkeley pet obesity and weight management services can help. Our veterinarian understands the best ways to help your pet safely lose weight and ensure that your pet is eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Weight Management Important for Wellness Care

While Berkeley pet obesity is a serious problem, with early intervention and proactive care, cat obesity and dog obesity can successfully be reversed. One of the biggest reasons for Berkeley pet obesity is overfeeding. Since some pets like Labrador retrievers have a seemingly “inexhaustible” appetite, these pets will continue eating even when they are full, which can lead to weight gain. Even following the guidelines on the back of a pet food label can be problematic; just like humans, every pet has unique nutritional needs, and these feeding guidelines may not be suited to your pet. Too many high-caloric treats can also lead to weight gain.

Our veterinarian understands that pet owners want the very best for their pets. However, there are healthier ways to reward good behavior. Our vet will discuss your pet’s precise nutritional intake needs and make specific recommendations for serving size and treats.

Dietary changes can also make a difference for cat and dog obesity. We know that for our own eating habits, fast food meals every day are unhealthy and can cause weight gain; the same fact applies to some types of low-quality pet foods. Sorting out the high-quality foods from the low-quality foods, however, can be a challenge – especially in today’s huge pet stores. Our veterinarian is happy to make specific recommendations based on your pet’s wellness needs. 

Lifestyle changes are also important for weight loss. Dogs can benefit from an extra walk or more time playing at the neighborhood dog park. Cats also benefit from interactive games. Reducing food intake, choosing a higher quality pet food, and increasing daily activity are three simple changes that can go a long way to making your pet’s weight more manageable.

With as many as one out of every two dogs or cats overweight, dog and cat obesity can happen to any pet. Weight gain can creep up slowly on some pets, especially if a pet’s lifestyle changes from active to sedentary. This is why it is so important to closely monitor your pet’s weight. A few extra pounds may not seem like much, but those pounds could mean the difference between your pet living a long, active life and struggling with chronic health problems.

Weight management is an important part of pet wellness care. Contact us today to learn more about how to control Berkeley pet obesity in a healthy way.

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