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Veterinary Assistant

Alexys Wang grew up in the bustling city of Singapore. She immigrated here to the States in her sophomore year of high school when she got her first every dog, a majestic German Shepard called Roy.

However, her love for animal began when she was much younger. Always having a interest towards learning about animals (whether it's their behavior or diet) Alexys would find herself buried deep in piles of books about the amazing organisms we have co-living with humans. She would also often pay visits to the Singapore Zoological Gardens to see the amazing variety of animals there. She had a fair share of experience raising her parent's Koi fishes, guppies, beta fishes and even a mealworm at one point for a school project. She's always keen on helping animals and making them feel better, which set her on her path to becoming a veterinarian. 

She currently goes to school at UC Berkeley and aspires to be a veterinarian in small animal practice. She volunteered at UVH for half a year before becoming a veterinary assistant in Summer 2019.

When she's not working, she's found in UC Berkeley's libraries studying or volunteering at a lab on campus. She also enjoys looking at various memes and playing video games with friends.

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