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Client Service Representative

Kristin was born and raised in the East Bay Area. While she has a background and degree in art and graphic design, animals have always been a huge part of her life and throughout has had many kinds - hamsters, fish, birds, cats, and dogs.

In fall of 2017 while living in Savannah, GA, she rescued an incredibly sweet, pregnant, FIV-positive cat off the streets and named her Riley. Taking care of the six-kitten litter until they were old enough for adoption was one of the most rewarding and fun experiences! Kristin relocated back to the Bay Area in Dec 2018 (with Riley, of course), decided to focus on her love of animals, and was accepted into the UVH team. In her free time she enjoys hiking, drawing, playing video games, and watching horror movies. In her eleven years of customer service this has been her favorite position and it's all thanks to your lovely, wonderful pets that she can't wait to meet.

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