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Dr. Mattu DVM

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Veterinarian, Practice Owner

Dr. Mattu grew up in a farming family with a special love and compassion for animals. He graduated with his Veterinary degree from Punjab Veterinary College in North India and then finished his internship at Iowa State University. To serve his patients better, Dr. Mattu has attended and continues to attend various educational courses to enhance his skills in advance medical modalities like ultrasound, endoscopy, dentistry, Internal Medicine and chronic skin and ear problems.

Dr. Mattu believes that all pets have a special place in our lives, providing us with an irreplaceable relationship. He is very sensitive to the needs of this emotional link. He strives to preserve and enhance this bond for a lifetime. Dr. Mattu takes his time to understand each pet's health needs and their owners' innermost feelings about the care they want for their pet. He customizes each treatment plan, taking into consideration both the pet's needs and the owner's resources to ensure that each and every pet receives the care he or she deserves. Dr. Mattu possesses a special skill to express each pet's medical condition in simple, understandable language so that every owner is in a position to make an informed decision for his or her pet.

Dr. Mattu's top priority is to maintain a high quality of life for pets in the Bay Area, and help people make good decisions for their pets, even when they get uncomfortable or difficult. Please feel free to call his Berkeley practice at 510-841-4412, where a staff member will be glad to help you answer any questions you may have about your pet's health.

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