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Many of our clients have already had the pleasure of meeting the newest addition to the UVH family, Maui. In July 2009 Maui came to us with a severely fractured leg which would require extensive surgical repair. After much consideration, Maui's previous owners found that the surgery and aftercare were beyond their means and made the difficult decision to euthanize him. This, however, didn't happen. Instead of euthanizing Maui, his owners agreed to let us adopt him as our newest house cat. We, in turn, would give him the treatment and care that he required.

After the first of two surgeries, Maui was in a cast and had to be kept on bed rest. Once he had healed enough for his cast to be removed, he adapted very well to his new home, and quickly became the king of the hospital. In the morning Maui can be heard meowing and howling, not because he is hungry, or cold, or lonely, but just because he can. He loves all the different hiding spots that can be found around the hospital, and is always finding new things to play with, even if he isn't supposed to. Free to roam in and out of his cage, Maui wanders about trying to make friends with the boarding and hospitalized animals.

We at University Vet Hospital absolutely love this silly cat. He is always entertaining us by pawing at water from the faucet in the sink, turning his water bowl upside down, attacking anything that dangles such as leashes and ECG leads, crying for no apparent reason, and flaunting his flamboyant scarves. Find Maui on Facebook ('Maui UVH', or [email protected]) and befriend him, he loves meeting new people!

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