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Veterinary Assistant

Nicole grew up in the Bay Area and has yet to leave it, except for a rare vacation out of state.  She has had some sort of pet since first grade, and her family has had an Australian Shepherd, a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, goldfish, mice, rats, and hamsters at various points in her life.  Her most recent pets are a past beloved rat named Snuggles (not very snuggly, but had lots of sass) and one current 10 yr old Australian Shepherd named Booboo.

Booboo is the apple of her eye and she can talk someone's ear off about him, all while her voice gets progressively higher and morphs into baby talk.  She knows clients have the same love for their pets, and she strives to ensure that they receive the best care they can while at University Vet.

She has always wanted animals to be well cared for and happy, and when she was younger it ranged from saving crayfish in evaporating puddles to picking up and trying to rescue a “pet” snake she found in her neighborhood (it turned out to be wild but it’s the thought that counts). 

She currently goes to school at UC Berkeley, aspires to be a veterinarian, and is leaning towards large animal medicine.  She volunteered at UVH for one and half years, and she started working as a veterinary assistant in summer 2015.  She is very honored to have the position, is dedicated towards doing her best and knows there’s always room to improve.

When she’s not working, she is fulfilling her scholarly duties as a student and she also volunteers at a lab on campus. She really loves cheese and likes to eat it as dessert on Fridays with Netflix, and for fun she likes to play casual games in various sports and play Frisbee with precious Booboo.

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