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Pet Dentistry

Berkeley Veterinarian Provides Pet Dentistry Services for Dogs and Cats

Pet dentistry is a preventative care service available in our clinic at University Veterinary Hospital. Pet dental care is an essential part of your pet's health routine. Pet teeth cleaning, regular dental checkups and oral surgery are all pet dentistry services provided in our animal hospital.

Berkeley Pet Dentistry

Dental Wellcare Checkups and Pet Teeth Cleaning is Vital for Good Oral Health

Your pet needs a full oral health visit twice a year which includes pet teeth cleaning. Just like humans regular dental care for pets is a crucial part of their health care regimen. During the dental visit we will check your animal's teeth for plaque and calcium build-up which leads to gum infections. If we find a lot of build-up, we will remove it, then polish and clean your dog or cat's teeth. Our goal is to prevent oral problems before they develop. Our Berkeley veterinarian performs in-house dental x-rays so that he can explore your pet's mouth and detect periodontal pockets or other oral health problems. He will recommend dental treatments based on what he finds in your pet's mouth.

As a pet owner, you should be educated about how to properly care for your animals teeth. Your pet's teeth should be brushed on a regular basis. Pet teeth cleaning or daily brushing will help prevent plaque and gingivitis for your pets. There are some products that may help with breath freshening for dogs such as certain chew toys or dog bones that help with the dental wellcare benefits for your pet.

Dogs and cats commonly develop bad breath, which shouldn't be taken lightly. Dog bad breath or cat bad breath can be a warning sign for a more serious problem. If your dog's breath suddenly has an unusual smell, it is important to bring him into the vet for a checkup. Dog bad breath may not be a normal occurrence; it can be an early indication of extensive plaque, diabetes and kidney or liver problems. Some ways to prevent cat bad breath and "doggie breath" are to keep your animals' teeth clean, have regular dental exams, feed your pet high quality, easy to digest food and use specialized treats that are formulated to help with breath odor.

Our animal hospital not only offers pet dentistry services and oral surgery but we also provide a variety of other veterinary services including vaccinations, spaying and neutering, emergency pet care and boarding for dogs and cats. Our Berkeley veterinarian works with a highly trained veterinary staff that is ready to care for your pet. We love animals at University Animal Hospital and we treat them like family while they are visiting and being treated in our clinic. Bring your pet to our animal hospital today for pet dental services and all of their pet wellcare needs. Call us today at 510-841-4412.

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