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Pet Skin Allergies: Is Your Pet Suffering Without Proper Treatment?

Pet Skin Allergies: Is Your Pet Suffering Without Proper Treatment?

Did you know that pets can suffer from many of the same environmental allergens that affect humans? Pollen, mold and mites can also trigger an allergic reaction in pets. While humans typically respond to allergies with sneezing, watery eyes, or a runny nose, pets experience an allergic reaction with itchy skin.

treating pet skin allergies in Berkeley.jpgTreating Pet Skin Allergies at Our Berkeley Animal Hospital

Without proper treatment, pets can excessively scratch, leading to secondary skin infections. Dander, scabs, or red bumps are signs of a secondary infection. Pet skin allergies can be incredibly painful. These allergies will not simply go away or get better on their own. Prompt diagnosis and treatment is essential to supporting your pets well-being.

Is your pet in pain from skin allergies? Below, our veterinarian answers your most frequently asked questions about allergies in pets:

How can I tell if my pets scratching is normal or due to an undiagnosed allergy?

Initially, it may be difficult for pet owners to distinguish between normal itching and an allergic reaction. Dogs and cats may itch their face, ears, groin and paws. Excessive scratching or biting can cause dogs to lose patches of their skin. Cats may repeatedly vomit up hairballs. If you suspect that your pet has allergies, our veterinarian may recommend veterinary intradermal testing (IDT) at an animal hospital. This allergy skin test will determine your pets sensitivity to environmental allergens.

What are the most common causes of pet skin allergies?

Many of the same allergens that trigger an allergic response in humans also trigger a response in pets. Pollen, mites, mold, dander, and insects are common causes. A single fleabite, for example, can trigger a painful allergic reaction in dogs lasting for over one week.

How are my pets allergies treated?

Allergy shots or oral medication may help reduce your pets reaction to environmental allergens. While allergies can never be 100% cured, our goal as veterinarians is to reduce the severity of your pets symptoms.

Does your pet suffer from skin allergies?

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