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Rabies in the area

From the Oakland Tribune

FREMONT -- Two rabid bats were found last month in Fremont, bringing to four the number of the diseased animals found in Alameda County this year, county officials confirmed Thursday. ... Two other rabid bats were found in earlier this year, in Berkeley and Sunol.

Last year, rabies was detected in six bats: one in Hayward, one in San Leandro and two each in Berkeley and Oakland.

 We don't see much rabies, fortunately, but it's still in the area! Be sure to keep your pets up to date on the rabies vaccines, especially if they go outside. For dogs, the initial vaccine lasts 1 year, after that it's every 3 years. There are several types of rabies vaccines available for cats, the one we use, Merial Purevax, we feel is the safest for cats' special needs. This one needs to be boostered every year.

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