Pet Geriatric Care

Berkeley Veterinarian Offers Pet Geriatric Care 

Berkeley veterinarian, Dr. Mattu, is experienced in meeting the needs that pet geriatric care demands. At our office, your pet's wellcare is of utmost priority to us - even in old age. Pet wellness care is never as important as it is during your pet's older years. Just as humans are more prone to developing health conditions with age, a senior dog or cat needs extra attention to ensure health and wellness for a long happy life. Depending on the size and breed of your pet, he or she may be classified as a senior as young as five or as old as eleven. 

Berkeley Pet Geriatric Care

There are certain conditions that occur more commonly in senior pets than in younger ones. For example, it is not uncommon for pets to experience cognitive slowing and dulling of the sight, smell and hearing senses. Pet arthritis is another major problem among older pets. An estimated one in every five adult dogs is suffering from pet arthritis, and the condition only worsens with age. Often, pet owners or veterinarians can determine that a dog or cat has pet arthritis if the pet is less active than normal, gaining weight or favoring a specific limb over another. However, without proper pet geriatric care, the condition could go undiagnosed or untreated, leaving pets in increasing levels of pain for many years.

Animal Hospital's Wellcare Services Can Help Your Senior Cat or Dog

At our animal hospital, we recommend bringing your senior cat or dog for his or her routine wellcare check-ups twice per year, rather than the one time required by younger pets. Because pets age five to seven times faster than humans do, pet geriatric care is necessary on a much more frequent schedule than normal health care.

At each wellcare visit, our Berkeley veterinarian conducts a normal health exam and administers the appropriate booster shots and immunizations. However, our staff may also ask you questions about your pet's behavior and mobility. Older pets also have different nutrition needs than younger ones, so we make recommend dietary changes as well.

Should your senior dog or cat be experiencing any health issues, we will attempt to identify the cause of the symptoms and discuss the available treatment options with you. This may include taking x-rays, or conducting blood work or a urinalysis. For example, if testing reveals that your dog or cat is suffering from pet arthritis, we may prescribe medications to help manage the disease, as well as help with the pain.

As pets age, mobility can be an issue and we can prescribe anti-inflammatories to get your pet moving again. If pet mobility remains an issue after medications, our animal hospital may recommend physical therapy exercises, as well as supplementing your pet's diet with glucosamine or omega fatty acids, which have been shown to reduce arthritis symptoms in dogs.

If you have a senior pet and are in need of a Berkeley veterinarian who will be committed to your pet's wellcare for life, contact our animal hospital today. We look forward to the opportunity to make your pet's senior years the best ones yet.

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