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About Us

Berkeley Veterinarian Provides Wellness Care and Sick Pet Care

Our Berkeley veterinarian and animal hospital staff provides a broad range of services to meet the ongoing needs of your pet. We have been in Berkeley for 30 years and continue to offer high-quality services and advanced treatment options to protect your pet's health and keep them happy and healthy for a long time.

In addition to Berkeley, we also provide care to pets in the surrounding communities of Albany, El Cerrito, Kensington, Richmond and Emeryville. Finding a trusted and experienced veterinarian is important, whether your pet needs wellness care like vaccinations, dental attention, or spay or neuter surgery. We also can find out what ails sick pets and help them feel better. By learning about the options we offer at our pet hospital, we hope that you can feel comfortable and confident entrusting us to care for your family pet.

Berkeley Pet Wellcare

Berkeley Animal Hospital Wellcare Services Include Regular Check-ups, Vaccinations, Parasite Prevention and Dental Care

University Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal hospital that provides preventative and routine care for your pet. We want to ensure that your pet is receiving the proper attention and treatment and is on a regular schedule for any routine check-ups and important vaccinations.

Among our many services are wellcare checkups, and we encourage all pet owners to make an appointment for a wellcare exam and yearly check-ups. During an examination, we will ensure that your pet has had all necessary vaccinations and other procedures they need to stay healthy.

Spay and neuter options and dental care for both cats and dogs are also offered at our pet hospital. We also offer care to geriatric animals recommending check-ups every six months for pets that are older. Sometimes, older pets are no longer in the best of health, but we'll work with you to give your pet the best quality of life possible. Should your pet need general surgery or some other type of procedure we will discuss available options with you to decide what is best for you and your pet.

Our wellcare focus is to ensure that your pet is receiving the necessary treatment and loving care required for a long and healthy livelihood. Our veterinary team incorporates the latest in technology and years of education, training and experience to make pet owners feel comfortable and confident in the care that their pets are receiving.

We want to make sure your pet is scheduled for regular check-ups and kept up-to-date with necessary vaccinations, but we also want to implement preventative care and provide tips and information for healthy dietary habits, exercise benefits and other ways your pet can thrive in his or her daily life.

If you want to learn about new, effective ways to care for your pet, or you have questions about animal surgery, spay & neuter programs or something else, browse around our library of articles and videos. We offer many resources you can use to make informed choices regarding your pet's health. They may even help you decide if you need to visit the animal hospital to see the veterinarian or if the problem your pet is experiencing is less urgent.

Call us today at 510-841-4412 to schedule a wellcare examination for your pet.

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