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Supporting Your Pet's Health

At University Veterinary Hospital in Berkeley, we are dedicated to wellness care and disease prevention. Our veterinary team is passionate about helping all pets live long, healthy and active lives. In addition to annual wellness exams, our veterinary services include pet surgery, pet dental care, spay/neuter operations, and puppy and kitten care.

Wellness Care, Pet Surgery, Pet Vaccinations and More

As part of our commitment to wellness care, we recommend annual wellness exams for all pets. Even if your pet is not sick, a wellness exam is still an important opportunity to assess your pet’s overall well-being and check for the warning signs of illness. Dogs and cats are both experts at hiding symptoms of illness; this is why a full blood chemistry panel is so critical. Identifying problems as early as possible gives our veterinary team the widest variety of treatment options. During a wellness exam, our Berkeley veterinarian will perform a full physical, conduct a fecal sample test, and confirm your pet is up to date on all core vaccinations.

Pet vaccinations are important for all dogs and cats, starting with the puppy and kitten shot series. The puppy/kitten shot series provides critical vaccination protection for young animals until their immune systems are fully matured. Young animals are at increased risk for distemper, parvo, upper respiratory infections, and other highly contagious illnesses. The puppy and kitten shot series protects against these illnesses. In addition to core veterinary vaccinations, our Berkeley veterinarian may also recommend specific vaccines based on a pet’s lifestyle needs. For example, dogs that frequently visit doggy daycare, boarding kennels or grooming salons should be vaccinated against bordetella, which is responsible for kennel cough. Our veterinarian is happy to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s vaccination record.

Our Berkeley veterinarian has substantial experience with pet surgery, including routine procedures like spay/neuter surgery. For more complex procedures, such as orthopedic surgery, we work with a board-certified surgeon who travels to our hospital to perform surgeries for our patients. We strongly recommend that all pet owners spay or neuter their pets. Spaying and neutering pets not only helps to control the unwanted animal population, but also reduces the risk for certain illnesses and some types of behavioral problems. If you think that your pet may be a good candidate for pet surgery, talk to our veterinarian about your different options.

To learn more about our different veterinary services, contact our Berkeley veterinarian today!

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