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Veterinary Team

  • Dr. Jas Mattu DVM
    Lead Veterinarian

    Dr. Mattu grew up in a farming family with a special love and compassion for animals. He graduated with his Veterinary degree from Punjab Veterinary College in North India and then finished his internship at Iowa State University. To serve his patients better, Dr. Mattu has attended and continues to attend various educational courses to enhance his skills in advance medical modalities like ultrasound, endoscopy, dentistry, Internal Medicine and chronic skin and ear problems.

    Dr. Mattu believes that all pets have a special place in our lives, providing us with an irreplaceable relationship. He is very sensitive to the needs of this emotional link. He strives to preserve and enhance this bond for a lifetime. Dr. Mattu takes his time to understand each pet's health needs and their owners' innermost feelings about the care they want for their pet. He customizes each treatment plan, taking into consideration both the pet's needs and the owner's resources to ensure that each and every pet receives the care he or she deserves. Dr. Mattu possesses a special skill to express each pet's medical condition in simple, understandable language so that every owner is in a position to make an informed decision for his or her pet.

    Dr. Mattu's top priority is to maintain a high quality of life for pets in the Bay Area, and help people make good decisions for their pets, even when they get uncomfortable or difficult. Please feel free to call his Berkeley practice at 510-841-4412, where a staff member will be glad to help you answer any questions you may have about your pet's health.

  • Dr. Fosbender BVSc

    Dr. Laura Fosbender grew up just outside Chicago and earned a BA in History from Carleton College. In 1998, she moved to San Francisco, where she spent several years working in various software and analytical roles for startups and the University of California system while she volunteered with dogs and cats in her free time.

    Her love of pets and their people, along with an interest in medicine, lead her to pursue veterinary school (and a bit of adventure) at Massey University in New Zealand. She joined the team at University Veterinary Hospital in December 2014.

    Dr. Fosbender has a special interest in internal medicine and feline medicine. Her goal as a vet is to improve the quality of life for pets and their people by empowering people to make informed decisions about their pets' health. She is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, Veterinary Information Network and local veterinary associations.

    When she's not at University Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Fosbender spends her time reading fiction, running slowly but steadily, and telling anyone who will listen that they should be watching The Americans. Although previously an avowed dog person, she now lives in West Berkeley with two beloved cats – Emily and Dulcinea.

  • Dr. Mike Sozanski DVM

    Mike Sozanski DVM, Dip. ABVP did his undergraduate and veterinary education at Cornell University. He has practiced in the Bay Area since 1980 and has been board certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) in small animal practice since 1988.

    He is experienced in all aspects of small animal medicine, dentistry and surgery. Outside of Veterinary medicine he is a runner, swimmer, photographer and a web developer, developing a website for veterinary emergency and anesthetic drug calculations,

  • Dr. Rebeccah Landman DVM

    Dr. Rebeccah Landman has worn a few hats in her life. Trained first as an archaeologist, she spent six years traveling the world uncovering the mysteries of the ancient world. Trading trowel for stethoscope, she returned to her childhood passion of veterinary medicine. As a veterinarian, she is not only able explore the mysteries of animal medicine but also keep important members of our family happy and healthy.

    Dr. Landman received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the UC Davis School of Veterinary in May 2016 and worked in Sonora after graduation. While she enjoyed mountain living, Dr. Landman missed the Bay Area.

    Dr. Landman is excited to have joined the team at University Veterinary Hospital in October 2019. Her professional interests include wellness/preventative medicine, small animal medicine, and dermatology. While at UC Davis, Dr. Landman dedicated time to researching the connection between human and animal health. She worked on projects studying rodent-borne zoonotic diseases and started a One Health program in Nicaragua, supporting community-lead initiatives to promote poultry and bovine health. A long time goal for her is to continue participating in community outreach projects, both locally and globally, supporting the inextricable link between animal well fare, human health, and ecological conservation.

    In her free time, she likes to explore the many incredible local hiking trails with her dog Barley (a border collie/cattle dog mix and an ARF rescue). Dr. Landman also has a passion for traveling whether it’s hopping on a plane to explore distant lands or exploring the local wonders that the Bay Area offers. However, most important to her outside of work is spending quality time with her family and being Aunt Beccah to her amazing nieces and nephews.

  • Holly RVT
    Veterinary Technician

    Holly grew up in Turlock, California with many adopted feathered and four-legged friends that she had found on farms, on the streets, in pounds and through the rescue groups that she and her parents worked with.  She grew up wanting to be a veterinarian and spent one exchange year in New Zealand during high school living on a sheep farm and volunteering for a mixed-practice veterinarian there. 

    During her year in New Zealand, the travel bug struck and her interest in different cultures began to take over.  Her first college years were spent at UC Berkeley obtaining BA’s in Ethnic Studies and Anthropology, with a minor in Native American Studies.  After graduation, she went to live in Guatemala and Argentina for a year.  In Argentina, she worked with underprivileged nursery school children in shanty towns in the mornings, and taught English to middle school children in the afternoons.  Back in the United States, she spent a year working in the Four Corners area on land, water, and sovereignty rights with Native American and Mexican American people.  She then returned to the Bay Area to work with several other non-profits.

    After a time, she decided to reinvestigate going to veterinary school. She volunteered at the Marine Mammal Center in Marin for a few years, then she started working at a veterinary practice as a receptionist and technician while she went to CSU-Hayward to get her BS in Biology.

    Prior to coming to University Veterinary Hospital, she worked as a veterinary technician for 18 years, working in both general practices and emergency hospitals. She became a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2009.

    In her free time, she enjoys traveling, dancing, reading, and being a homebody with her four-legged dog Kylie, her three-legged dog Apple and Millie a special needs cat with radial agenesis.

    At University Veterinary Hospital, she feels like she has found her calling and loves to care for our dog and cat patients. She would love to meet your pet!

  • Mirna RVT
    Veterinary Technician

    Mirna's love for animals started very young, after an 8-week-old Chow Chow named Lassie came into her life and helped her overcome her fears of dogs. Ever since her furry friend entered her life, she has committed her life to helping and loving animals.

    Mirna graduated from Western Career College with her Associates in Science.

    Mirna is a very bubbly, joyful personality who is very compassionate and loving. For her, getting to know you and your pet is not only an honor, but an amazing chance to build a relationship with new friends. She says, 'My pit bull Senorita teaches me new things every day, and that's what I love about my job -- being able to learn new things that can help me understand our beloved friends even more and help them!'

    Mirna started working at UVH several years ago, and would love to see your pet!

  • Shelby RVT
    Veterinary Technician

    Hi! My name is Shelby and I was born here in Berkeley and raised in the East Bay Area.  I have loved animals for as long as I can remember, and in the past, I have been the proud pet parent of dogs, cats, mice, rats, birds, fish, reptiles, and ferrets! In my spare time I love taking my dogs for walks, hikes, and listening to music, especially Led Zeppelin.   

    I went to school on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, where I received my associates degree in Veterinary Technology, with honors, and I am now a proud registered Veterinary Technician.  I am excited to work in this field and truly feel privileged to be a part of this hospital and to provide compassionate care to its patients.  I currently have three dogs of my own, and they are my everything, so I know how important it is to have a loving veterinary staff that values both you and your pet.  For many pets going to the vet can be a stressful experience, which is why we try to use a calm and peaceful energy in our hospital with the hope that your pet feels safe and comfortable.  And of course, treats are never in a short supply! I look forward to meeting you and your fuzzy friends.

  • Dr.
    Sean Wells
    Veterinary Surgeon

    Dr. Sean Wells is a surgical specialist who comes to our hospital for all pets that need advanced surgical interventions. He graduated from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2004 after which he completed a 1-year general internship at Bay Area Veterinary Specialists followed by a 1-year surgical internship with Veterinary Surgical Associates. After his internships, Dr. Wells completed a 3-year residency in small animal surgery with Veterinary Surgical Associates and became board certified in 2010. Dr. Wells founded Northern California Veterinary Surgical in 2009.Sean’s surgical interests include orthopedic and oncologic surgery with a special interest in minimally invasive techniques (arthroscopy / laparoscopy / thoracoscopy), reconstructive procedures, and joint replacement. He is currently one of the only surgeons in the state performing both standard and micro/nano hip replacements in dogs & cats.Sean grew up in the mountains northeast of Ojai, California. He is a California licensed electrical contractor (C-10). He enjoys surfing, hockey, snowboarding, and any activity involving the water. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, and running Gilman Brewing Company (which he co founded with Dr. Sellmeyer in 2015).To know more about Dr. Sean Wells, please visit his page

  • Nicole
    Veterinary Assistant

    Nicole grew up in the Bay Area and has yet to leave it, except for a rare vacation out of state.  She has had some sort of pet since first grade, and her family has had two Australian Shepherds, a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, goldfish, mice, rats, and hamsters at various points in her life.  Her current pets are two  rats named Bluey and Hobo. 

    She has always wanted animals to be well cared for and happy, and when she was younger it ranged from saving crayfish in evaporating puddles to picking up and trying to rescue a “pet” snake she found in her neighborhood (it turned out to be wild but it’s the thought that counts). 

    She aspires to be a veterinarian, and is leaning towards large animal medicine.  She volunteered at UVH for one and half years, and she started working as a veterinary assistant in summer 2015.  She is very honored to have the position, is dedicated towards doing her best and knows there’s always room to improve.

    In her free time she volunteers with an equine veterinarian and supervises/joins in daily Rattie Playtime.

  • Lyvette
    Veterinary Assistant

    Lyvette is a Bay Area native. She grew up in Redwood City and moved to the east bay in 2013 to earn her BA in Marine Science and Spanish Language and Literature from UC Berkeley.  

    She has always had a fascination with all kinds of animals and knew from 2nd grade that she wanted to become a veterinarian. She has a special interest in zoological and aquatic medicine but loves working in general practice helping furry family members. She routinely volunteers at a local barn and works with horses and varied pet livestock. She has assisted biologists at Aquarium of the Bay with caring for jellyfish, sharks, various fish species, crabs and reptiles. Recently she interned with the Oakland Zoo and worked with the fruit bats and otters and will soon be beginning a second internship! Can you tell she loves animals? 

    On Lyvette’s off time she can be found at Giant’s baseball games, concerts, Disneyland or listening to true crime podcasts. She has two Shiba Inus, named Indy and Solo, and is auntie to a lovely black English lab named Rain.

  • Maggie
    Veterinary Assistant

    Maggie grew up in sunny San Diego, where she graduated high school in 2015. From there, she moved to Berkeley, where she attended UC Berkeley for four years and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. While Maggie plans to one day attend medical school and become a doctor, this has not stopped her from exploring her other passions, such as dance, reading, and her love for animals! Growing up, Maggie had lots of exposure to animals- be it the steady stream of Animal Planet documentaries, frequent trips to the San Diego zoo, or simply spending time with her pet dogs at home. This has continued into her adult life, where she now works for the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and as an Exam Room Nurse at University Veterinary Hospital. Maggie started at UVH in May of 2019 and is very excited to be part of the team! She can’t wait to meet our lovely clients and their amazing furry friends!

  • Alexys
    Veterinary Assistant

    Alexys Wang grew up in the bustling city of Singapore. She immigrated here to the States in her sophomore year of high school when she got her first every dog, a majestic German Shepard called Roy. However, her love for animal began when she was much younger. Always having a interest towards learning about animals (whether it's their behavior or diet) Alexys would find herself buried deep in piles of books about the amazing organisms we have co-living with humans. She would also often pay visits to the Singapore Zoological Gardens to see the amazing variety of animals there. She had a fair share of experience raising her parent's Koi fishes, guppies, beta fishes and even a mealworm at one point for a school project. She's always keen on helping animals and making them feel better, which set her on her path to becoming a veterinarian. 


    She currently goes to school at UC Berkeley and aspires to be a veterinarian in small animal practice. She volunteered at UVH for half a year before becoming a veterinary assistant in Summer 2019.

    When she's not working, she's found in UC Berkeley's libraries studying or volunteering at a lab on campus. She also enjoys looking at various memes and playing video games with friends.

  • Corinne
    Veterinary Assistant

    Corinne grew up in Oakland, CA, with a passion for animals. Her family has always had dogs, but she tried her luck at convincing them of getting a cat, a fish, a bird, a turtle, and even a horse. 

    Corinne recently graduated magna cum laude from Loyola Marymount University in May 2019 with a B.S. in Biology. She is currently applying to vet schools to continue her dream of becoming a veterinarian, but she is thrilled to be a part of the UVH team in the meantime, caring for our neighborhood pets and learning more about the field of veterinary medicine. 

    Corinne has had a wide range of experiences with animals. She volunteered at Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) and continues to volunteer at Oakland Animal Services (OAS); she was an animal care intern at the Oakland Zoo where she provided care to a variety of animals, including sun bears, flamingoes, and wallaroos; and she spent some time at a veterinary clinic in Espelette, France, working with pets and livestock. 

    Her time at ARF, OAS, and the Oakland Zoo has inspired her to pursue opportunities to get involved in shelter medicine and contribute to conservation as she begins her journey of achieving a DVM degree. 

    When she’s not a UVH or working on vet school applications, Corinne enjoys traveling, art museums, and marathoning her new T.V. series addiction.

  • Stephanie
    Veterinary Assistant

    Stephanie has always had a passion for animals, having grown up with parakeets, hamsters, turtles, fish, and a variety of other animals. When she was younger, she had a fear of dogs but quickly took a liking to them after meeting her friend’s 8 Pomeranians. Since then, she has volunteered at the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA with dogs and wildlife animals, worked at a pet hotel, and interned at the UC Davis Swine Facility with farrowing pigs, as well as at the Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinic. She has also been on a seminar abroad in Poland for Equine Welfare and Management. She has associate degrees in Biology and Chemistry and a BS in Animal Science with Captive and Companion Animal specialization. She aspires to become a veterinarian in the future to help and build relationships with pets and their owners.

    In Stephanie’s free time, she enjoys playing with her dog Kona, hanging out with her parakeets (Tiffy and Snow), photography/videography, watching Netflix, and figure skating whenever she can. 

    She loves meeting new furry friends and is looking forward to meeting yours soon! 

  • Madeline
    Client Service Representative

    Madeline was born in Berkeley and raised in El Cerrito and Albany. She is the second oldest in a family of 10 (5 boys and 5 girls -- her dad said he wanted to get it even!)

    Her parents brought home a Cocker Spaniel puppy almost the same time that they brought her home. Madeline and her older brother, Bill had many 'adventures' with Freddy - mostly in the field across from their house which had a large creek running through it and 3 horses!

    Her love for animals kept growing through the years, and when she graduated from high school she started her first job as a receptionist at the Berkeley Humane Society. What followed then was over 25 years working in several veterinary clinics in the Bay Area, including Albany Vet Clinic and Pet Emergency Treatment Service.

    Then in 1991 she took a job with a local veterinary supply company as an inside sales representative. And while she really enjoyed working with different veterinary clinics throughout the Western United States, she also missed working with people and their pets, so when Dr. Mattu offered her the wonderful opportunity to join his fine staff at UVH, she was thrilled to join!

    Since November of 2011 she has met so many wonderful clients and their pets, and looks forward to meeting many many more!

  • Kristin
    Client Service Representative

    Kristin was born and raised in the East Bay Area. While she has a background and degree in art and graphic design, animals have always been a huge part of her life and throughout has had many kinds - hamsters, fish, birds, cats, and dogs. In fall of 2017 while living in Savannah, GA, she rescued an incredibly sweet, pregnant, FIV-positive cat off the streets and named her Riley. Taking care of the six-kitten litter until they were old enough for adoption was one of the most rewarding and fun experiences! Kristin relocated back to the Bay Area in Dec 2018 (with Riley, of course), decided to focus on her love of animals, and was accepted into the UVH team. In her free time she enjoys hiking, drawing, playing video games, and watching horror movies. In her eleven years of customer service this has been her favorite position and it's all thanks to your lovely, wonderful pets that she can't wait to meet.

  • Natalie
    Client Service Representative

    Natalie has always been an animal lover from as long as she can remember. From dogs to cats to birds to snails, animals have always had a special place in her heart. Growing up, Natalie loved stuffed animals and is now living the dream with her own pet cat, a fluffy talkative tortie named Tina Plou Brown.

    In the past, Natalie has worked many customer service jobs but was looking for a change a few years ago. Natalie wanted to work in an industry she was passionate about and was thrilled when the opportunity to work at University Vet Hospital came about. Natalie greatly enjoys getting to know each of our wonderful clients and all of their amazing pets. It is an honor for her to make your pets feel comfortable and loved while here and seeing the beautiful relationships each client has with their beloved pets.

    When Natalie is not working at University Veterinary Hospital, she can be found studying for the psychology and counseling degree she is working towards, as
    well as going on hikes, and playing music.

  • DeLashay
    Client Service Representative

    DeLashay was born and raised in Oakland, CA. Growing up she had a fear of animals until she met her best friend pit bull. She automatically fell in love with dogs and even went and got one herself. A red nose pitbull named Simba, he’s 5 years old and is the light of her life! DeLashay attends diablo valley college and is in school to become a Medical Diagnostic Sonographer. She will be transferring next summer/fall to the Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health. Since joining the UVH team, she’s witnessed a lot of Ultrasounds be done on animals and is now considering also attending vet school to specifically do ultrasounds on small animals. 

    In her free time, she likes to read, take Simba on walks & hikes. Watching Netflix & spend time with her family & friends! She is excited to meet all the new & old clients at UVH!

  • Maui

    Many of our clients have already had the pleasure of meeting the newest addition to the UVH family, Maui. In July 2009 Maui came to us with a severely fractured leg which would require extensive surgical repair. After much consideration, Maui's previous owners found that the surgery and aftercare were beyond their means and made the difficult decision to euthanize him. This, however, didn't happen. Instead of euthanizing Maui, his owners agreed to let us adopt him as our newest house cat. We, in turn, would give him the treatment and care that he required.

    After the first of two surgeries, Maui was in a cast and had to be kept on bed rest. Once he had healed enough for his cast to be removed, he adapted very well to his new home, and quickly became the king of the hospital. In the morning Maui can be heard meowing and howling, not because he is hungry, or cold, or lonely, but just because he can. He loves all the different hiding spots that can be found around the hospital, and is always finding new things to play with, even if he isn't supposed to. Free to roam in and out of his cage, Maui wanders about trying to make friends with the boarding and hospitalized animals.

    We at University Vet Hospital absolutely love this silly cat. He is always entertaining us by pawing at water from the faucet in the sink, turning his water bowl upside down, attacking anything that dangles such as leashes and ECG leads, crying for no apparent reason, and flaunting his flamboyant scarves. Find Maui on Facebook ('Maui UVH', or [email protected]) and befriend him, he loves meeting new people!

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