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  • After being here 30 years as a pet owner I've finally found our vet! I have had several cats over the years, in varying stages of health, and have been disappointed with the vets I've used in the past (with the exception of Sage Center for cancer treatment, which is excellent). Reasons why University Veterinary is the clear winner: - the waiting area is spacious, bright and clean (when you're waiting with a traumatized pet and you're worried sick this environment is important!) - the front desk staff is friendly and attentive - wait times is kept to a minimum (waiting for a room, waiting for a nurse then doctor, waiting for your bill) - nurses and doctors are kind, gentle and professional. all diagnoses are considered and clearly explained - pricing is extremely fair and reasonable They get my highest recommendation, we are so pleased to have found them!
    Yuri O.
  • I have been taking my pup to UVH for about 15 years now. We always saw Dr. Mattu but now also see some of the others. They are pricey as vets go, but their facility is fairly modern, very clean and they really do everything they can to provide great care. My little Yorkie is almost 16 now and they still spend a great amount of time with him, answer all my questions, check between his toes and eyes and ears — discuss treatment options and *listen* to me. I am a believer in taking responsibility for your own pet and learning as much as you can about their issues and doing research about medications and therapies and doing ultimately what you feel is right. Asking them to help you make decisions about what is truly medically necessary when facing a bill you can’t afford. And also respecting the expertise and time of the Vet - they see animals all day every day - but they also don’t always see the same type - so it’s always best to go in prepared with printouts from *reputable* websites - but even questions about things that seem to be too good to be true (are there really eye drops that dissolve cataracts? Hrmmmm,..) Even the desk staff is great and helpful, they respond to emails and always check in on us after our visits. And of course there is that one young tech who I swear will steal my pup she is so sweet with him. Highly recommended.
    Michelle Terman
  • 4.6 Google Rating