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  • Doctors and staff are always awesome. Even Maui, the resident cat gave my dog a very sweet nose to nose! Now he can't understand why the neighborhood kitty won't say hello 😆

    Janet Pella

  • I left feeling very impressed by this place. I am a former vet tech, and not only are my standards for pet care incredibly high, there's also a very strange sense of helplessness when you take your pets into a new place and are not able to be a "helicopter mom" and be heavily involved with everything that happens. Add a pandemic on top of this, and my anxiety skyrockets. Being the owner of a pit bull, I also get nervous because so many people - even some veterinary staff - have a weird thing against pit bulls. I always was the one who do x-rays, blood draws, vaccinations, etc, all by myself on my dog.This place was close to home and seemed decent so we took a chance. The person I spoke to originally on the phone was pleasant and kind but I can't remember her name. I did interact with both Natalie and Kristen (I believe that was her name!) the day of our visit who were both fantastic and sweet. I handed my dog (the one thing I love most in this world) and my new baby kitten over to Shawn the vet tech. Shawn was lovely to work with and didn't make me feel like a pain in the ass for having a list of things to communicate about my sweet old man. Shawn is also one of the few people I've dealt with who don't give me a blank stare or make me feel like a neurotic mess when I go over my dog's medical history. I did cry as soon as they took my pets inside, since I wasn't able to go with them or see what was going on. But my dog went willingly, and seemed happy to go with Shawn. I firmly believe animals can read people, so if my dog trusts someone, I suppose I should, too. The vet, Dr. Rebeccah Landman, came outside and introduced herself. I wasn't expecting that at all, and was pleasantly surprised. That little extra effort to connect with us was certainly appreciated. She just popped out to let us know she'd call me after examining my pets. Her communication was fantastic, despite not being able to have a face-to-face conversation. She was very informative, and explained her rationale for what she wanted to do on the treatment plan. All costs were transparent, and nothing would be performed or charged without my approval. Yes, veterinary costs are higher than a lot of human health costs. But you know what? You have f*cking health insurance. Look at your explanation of benefits next time you receive care and then imagine having *no* coverage for all those contracted rates. I can promise you vets and vet staff are not in it for the money. They didn't "fund their kid's college education" on your vet bills, or whatever other passive aggressive stuff you like to say to the people who voluntarily bury themselves in debt to care for your pets. Getting two animals examined, vaccinated, blood drawn, etc, happened relatively quickly and without any fuss or hassle. The staff was very sweet, and assured me my old baby dog was doing well, and that our kitten was also being very well-behaved. Of course, this was a proud mom moment and made me feel good about trusting them with my sweet little brats. When all was done, my pup came out smiling with his tail wagging so I know he got lots of love and attention in there. Shawn explained the prescriptions and follow up instructions clearly. Overall it was an excellent experience, despite being in the middle of a global emergency. They have good organization, good and clear communication, and transparency. One additional thing I noticed and really appreciated is they double check prescriptions, judging by the two signatures on the label. This assures two sets of eyes are on the Rx to avoid any potentially dangerous mistakes or typos. I can promise you, not every animal hospital does this. It's one attention to detail that I loved to see. As a side note: for anyone saying the reception/admin staff were rude, think about how incredibly stressful it is being an essential worker during this time. Then think about how much of a "Karen" you're being, and take a seat. Take several.

    Nikki M.

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