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  • Fantastic spot for my pup when he needs medical care. the vet tech & vet were AMAZING. 5 stars!

    Skott D.

  • I have to write another good review on University Veterinary Hospital. My wife and I have a 14 year old Maltese, Yppi, and my wife have kept him from her middle school. Unfortunately, his dental condition got severe in last 2 years. So, we decided to free him from toothache by giving him extraction. It was 7 teeth extractions and it was not an easy procedure for a small and old dog like him. His weight is less then 4 lbs. But, with help and good care of University Veterinary Hospital, he is recovering very well. It took actually 3 days for him to use his mouth again to eat and drink. In the meantime, my wife had to feed him food with syringe. And, she worried about him not able to use his tongue again. However, Dr. Mattu gave us so much support and care. He even came to the hospital on Sunday when it is closed to just give him fluid for fast recovering. I appreciate him for understanding his age and taking our concern deeply. The best part was he promised that his team and he will do their best for Yppi's recovery. What can you expect more than that? No doubt. I strongly recommend! Thanks again, Dr. Mattu. I appreciate for everything you have done for us and for Yppi. What I have experienced at University Veterinary Hospital was not just ordinary vet, but it was more than that. We could feel how you deeply care about Yppi. He now uses his tongue to eat and drink! Thanks again! 🙂

    Kangsik Kevin L.

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