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  • When our beloved hound dog Lola got really sick recently, these guys were incredible. They worked so hard to make her feel better, and to make her happy and comfortable. Unfortunately we lost our girl, but the staff at UVH made this time a little less terrible for my wife and me. I have had lots of experiences with vets, some great, some terrible. I can honestly say that this is the best vet clinic I have ever worked with, in 15 years as a dog parent. They don't try to price gouge, and as a client you really feel that they care about your animal. After Lola passed they sent us a beautiful card which was signed by every member of staff. If you live in the Berkeley/Albany area and need a vet go with UVH, you won't be disappointed.
    Jim E.
  • Absolutely amazing team and they took wonderful care of my little baby. When my cat, Ivy stopped eating and started lounging around all day, I took her to the ER because UVH wasn't open yet. UVH transferred the records over and when she didn't eat again this morning, I called ahead and they managed to squeeze me in for an appointment today. The staff were already knowledgeable about her condition. The nurse was loving on Ivy and even though she was scared, Ivy cooperated so well and even looked a bit sad when she walked out to print out the invoice. Yes, it was a bit pricey, for a check-up, blood panel, subQ fluids, some antacids, and nail trim, it came to around 500. I'm a first-time pet owner and a first-year grad student, so I don't have a lot of money to go around, but the care and attention they gave to my cat and the fact that she is already much better and playing around again made it worth it. They also answered all of my concerns about the price, medication, and her condition, and what to monitor for. I will say the check-out process was a bit rough, my card kept being declined because my debit card is super old and the chip doesn't work sometimes, and the receptionist seemed to be getting annoyed, and I'll have to follow up again to get the actual invoice because I never received an email. That might have just been me being anxious about interacting with people, but it felt like she was a bit annoyed with me and my payment not going through? Or maybe she just had a rough day, because when I came in last time I didn't have any troubles with the front desk. Overall, I am so happy that I found this vet.
    Casey C.
  • 4.5 Google Rating